When I walk into a home, I see the beauty of its space, whether it’s already there or in its potential. I love learning about people, their homes and how they use their spaces, including what makes them feel comfortable and happy. I seek to understand what inspires them and drives their creativity as well as what relaxes them and gives them a place to rest, reflect, and recharge.

Dependent upon your needs, I can redesign a room or entire home using existing furniture and accessories. I can also renovate and fill the home with everything a house needs if you’re ready to start completely fresh. Whether your looking for fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, flooring, light fixtures, hardware or new colors for your walls and ceilings, we can help.

Whatever your goals, I want to help you achieve them. I want you to be in love with your new design and feel refreshed in your new space. It’s a process, but it can be really fun.

Space Coaching

The art of using a space can be challenging, especially if a room has many windows or doors or is just so large that the idea of creating a cozy space within is daunting.  Spaces by LLG will help you create the right energy for your home through conscious placement of furniture and accessories. Additionally, if you’re working on a home renovation or building new, we provide an extra “eye” to review your plans and discuss the various design elements, options and details. We work with both buyers and/or builders and charge by the hour. Please call for more details.


Sometimes during the design process, we identify areas of your home that could use some finishing touches. Therefore, to complete our services in these areas, we can create a list of suggested items for you to consider purchasing. We are happy to shop alone, with you or to simply provide a list of our suggestions. Please call for more details.


Interior Redesign is the art of refreshing your space by repositioning your existing furniture and accessories to create a fresh new look.  Most often, we are able to pull items from other areas of your home to realize that it brings new life to another room.  This one-day service will revitalize your space and give you a fresh, new perspective on a familiar room. Please call for more information.