Are you Yangin’, Yinin’ or Perfectly Balanced?

To some, color is simply a color, like red or blue. However, there’s more to color than meets the eye. One of the main differences between colors is the affects of warm and cool. Warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow make a room feel warmer, but they also promote high energy (a.k.a. yang energy). These colors work great in areas where people need more energy, like the living room and kitchen.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


Cooler colors, including blues and greens, give off yin energy, which slows the pace and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest



Balance is the ultimate goal with color, so take a closer look at the colors in your home.  Don’t despair if you’re heavy on the “chill” “cave-like” end or if  you are “wired” like a latte-induced circus act (well, maybe you should worry a little), but there is help for you still.  You can balance the room by “placing a bandage” as the feng shui gurus call it.  If you need more zip to your space, add a warm color (red, orange, yellow) on top of the cooler/darker colors OR vice versa…if you need to slow the energy down in a room, add weight by placing cool/neutral colors and textures over those splashes of color.

Here’s a good example of the balanced room.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


Thoroughly confused? Here’s an interesting chart I found on Pinterest…just to confuse the situation some more.



Good luck finding that balance and remember, design is a journey to be enjoyed. LG