Classic American Family

Ahhemmm…yes, I know.  I’ve been a tad tardy in writing my weekly blog, but it’s ONLY because I’ve been working with some REALLY fun new clients AND I’ll be sharing some other exciting growth news with you next week!

In the meantime, I wanted to get your thoughts on this new design scheme for this very cool, classic American family.  They are a busy family with 3 kids aged 5 – 15 and they are ready for a change.  Out go the bright, multi-colored painted walls, light-colored dining table and hutch as well as the light fixture (all very nice, but ready for another home).  It’s kind of matchy match. Take a look…

We are neutralizing all the first floor walls with a warm beige, which will pair nicely with the bright white trim that’s already in the home. The first floor of the house is an open concept, so going neutral is the best choice.

Our goal for the dining room is to create a space for not only family meals & entertaining guests, but also a place to do homework, art projects and possibly fold laundry. So, we found a magnificent English Pine 7′ coffee table and hired a local Maine wood turner to fasten some new legs to this beauty.  It should be done by next week!  First word for it…beautiful (especially after a little waxing). Second…you can’t hurt it! TOTALLY kid proof and 3 drawers to stash more stuff!

We are pairing this table with an amazing French Country-style hutch that can house not only serving pieces & silver, but art supplies, homework files, computer cords, you name it.  The chairs (tbd) will definitely be slipcovered in a denim/cream patterned fabric.  She loves blue, so we’re going to let that be our driving color for furnishings & decor.

Once the dining room is finished and entire first floor painted, we’ll be moving onto buying new furniture for the two living spaces that are open to one another.

For these rooms, this “All American” client wants to incorporate pops of red, so we’ve brought in these fabulous, REASONABLE as well as DURABLE fabrics to add the zip throughout the open concept first floor. What do you think?

The solid fabrics are for the sofas (Atlantic blue for formal living room & Chamois piped in denim for the family room), chestnut brown “windowpane” for the accent chair to pair with the blue sofa, and the other fabrics will be used for throw pillows & window treatments throughout the first floor.  Which fabrics do you love?

Stay tuned for the dining room after pics in a few weeks and remember, enjoy the design journey.  LG