Orange Crush…Who can’t use a little whimsy?

Balanced living, as it relates to the design world, means keeping the classic while adding a touch of a current trend or stretching a tad out of your design comfort zone. It’s always a little exciting to feel daring, bold, or if you’re feeling sassy, maybe a bit brazen, isn’t it?

I’m a firm believer in achieving that “balance” in many areas of our lives, (It could be the reason I’ve been considered “fresh” by my mother over the years? Hmmm, and now i have two freshies of my own? Karma…okay, diverging…stories for another time!)

Bottom line is, I like to add pop, something a little bold and playful, to many areas of my life, including my design work. Otherwise, things could get a little boring!

2013 has predicted greens, of which I’m a fan, but I’m still crushing on orange. Take a look and remember, orange velvet or orange corduroy are great too and you can also pair orange with blues, greens, grays or reds, all of which will easily transform this fun Summer-like color into one for the Winter season! All you need is a bit of sass to spice things up! Take a look and tell me what you think.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


Ready for the greens of 2013? Here’s a sneak peek…with a splash of orange!

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Enjoy the journey and call me if you’re ready to show off your own color crush! LG