Spaces by LLG is the proud new owner of a garage!  This soon-to-be design studio/showroom (and yes, also a place to stash the ever-growing amount of home staging inventory) is conveniently located in Falmouth, Maine.  Check it out & stay tuned for details on the renovations we’ll be making.  Woohoo…as usual, I’m so grateful for your support…the referrals, the business and words of encouragement.  It feels awesome to be working with many of you and growing this business. Enjoy the journey. LG


Ahhemmm…yes, I know.  I’ve been a tad tardy in writing my weekly blog, but it’s ONLY because I’ve been working with some REALLY fun new clients AND I’ll be sharing some other exciting growth news with you next week! (more…)

As you might imagine, I’ve been brainstorming what my first official blog post should be…should it be a design inspiration piece, a tutorial of sorts about decorating or something about preparing your home for sale?  These thoughts of course, are streaming in at full force between 5a.m. jaunts to finish stages before the school bus arrives, during afternoon classroom time as the room mom to two elementary-aged boys and well, during the wee hours of the night wondering if I can convince my husband to use our date night to pick up rugs for a design client and then “quickly” stop at another house to take some furniture out because it’s sold!  Can you picture it?  Here’s a glimpse…

Then, it dawned on me, with the help of a Grateful Dead tune that came on during my morning drive to this empty house I recently staged.  KARMA… (more…)