Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, are you on top of your holiday game? Have you been decking any halls? Although we certainly aren’t ahead of schedule these days, we have been busy brushing the dust off the ornament boxes and we’ve hauled a beautiful balsam into our house. The lights are twinkling in the windows and the porch pillars are wrapped and warmly glowing. When we’re finished (and it’s not pouring outside), I’ll take some pics and show you. Meanwhile…

If you’re searching for some new holiday decorating ideas to scatter around your home, check out the photos below for some inspiration. Remember to have fun and use what you love. Things always look bright when you’ve displayed something that makes YOU happy. Also, remember that you want the eye to move about a room, so use varying heights when decorating and think about different textures and pops of color!

Here’s a fun, yet simple way, to set the holiday table. Do you see how the greens, ribbon and solid napkin add different textures to the setting?

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


Notice the varying heights and textures on these shelves. Groupings of odd numbers are key too! Think 3s, 5s & 7s. I love the one blue ball in the mix too!


Have a coveted white kitchen that you love, but want to jazz things up for a few weeks during the holidays? Try taping wrapping paper to the door panels (with double-sided tape), as well as the back walls in between the shelves. Easy on and easy off. So fun and preppy!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Don’t forget the yummies! This is a perfect centerpiece for a kitchen island or casual dining table.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Enjoy the journey. LG

Balanced living, as it relates to the design world, means keeping the classic while adding a touch of a current trend or stretching a tad out of your design comfort zone. It’s always a little exciting to feel daring, bold, or if you’re feeling sassy, maybe a bit brazen, isn’t it? (more…)

Portland, Maine is truly a mecca for great food, beautiful shorelines, cultural venues and some fun shopping. It’s become a weekend retreat for many, whether you’re 30, 40 or 50. (more…)

Greetings! I hope you all have been great and possibly busy with your own holiday design projects? Spaces by LLG “land” has been rockin’ the studio and the house for that matter. (The house rockin’ part is due to my incessant snoring because I’ve been beyond dog tired from working so much, but I’M NOT COMPLAINING.) I love every minute of my job and am tickled pink that everyone has been so supportive and passing my name along! Thank you, thank you!

As promised, here are the before and after shots of the window treatments we made from the hand printed table cloths! They are AMAZING and really put a unique design touch on this great family-friendly space.



I hope you love them as much as my client and I do! Let me know if you have any design dilemmas!

Enjoy the journey. LG